Group Training

Get healthier, Be happier & Build Connections. Join FitnessFusion family and reach your goals faster with group training.

Why Group Training ?

You stay motivated and work hard when you workout in a group. Working with a coach helps you stay healthy and injury-free. We’ll design you a challenging workout every day that incorporates the most effective training techniques and is based on extensive research.

FitnessFusion Family

You’ll be able to connect with a network of people about your Goals & Progress. Encourage one another, challenge one another, or hang around after training to get lifestyle advise from others.

Certified Coaches

Our instructors have undergone extensive training, education, and certification (All are REPS India Members). They are skilled at keeping you secure while assisting you in realising your potential. 

It’s Fun

Going to the gym can seem like a pain when you work out alone. Group exercises are engaging and thrilling. You’ll start looking forward to working out.


With our diverse exercises, you’ll keep becoming better, and everyone around you will notice.

Glimpses of Our Group Trainings

Join Us !

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